What works when it comes to Return to Work
Dr Matthew Bulman BHSc, MChiro, Work Healthy Australia

Common musculoskeletal injuries and recovery times
Working with a clinician to develop an effective RTW plan for injured workers
Prevention of future injury – what to look out for

Safe Driving for Work by RACT

Darren Lack, RACT

If you’ve got employees on the road, the RACT can work with you to refresh them on safe driving practices. They teach people how to read road situations and develop safer driving strategies. This workshop is an introduction to their Business Safety Essentials program, with a Q&A session following a short presentation.

Discrimination Law: Rights and Responsibilities

Louise Adams Training, Education and Development Officer at Equal Opportunity Tasmania

Effective anti-discrimination strategies in your workplace are good practice and good for business. All businesses in Tasmania, regardless of their size, must adhere to the Anti- Discrimination Act (Tas). All staff including volunteers need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

This course will cover:
• An overview of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1998
• The role of Equal Opportunity Tasmania
• Protected attributes
• Harassment, sexual harassment, other prohibited conduct including victimisation and incitement to hatred
• Rights and responsibilities for all employees