Sharni Layton
AFLW player, ex-Australian netballer and media commentator

Sharni Layton played at the domestic national level for 14 years, whilst representing her country for the last 7 of these, Captaining the Australian Diamonds in 2017 before retiring from International Netball.

Over her career, Sharni played with Melbourne Kestrels, Canberra Darters, Melbourne VIxens, Adelaide Thunderbirds and finished her netball career up at Magpies Netball, associated with the Collingwood Football Club.


During her time in Netball she won:
2 x Premierships with the Adelaide Thunderbirds in 2010/2013
2 x Netball World Cup Championships in 2011/2015
1 x Commonwealth Games in 2014

Individually she won:
Rookie of the year in 2010
Australian Netballer of the year 2015/2016
International Netballer of the year 2016

Sharni since retiring from Netball has taken up AFLW for the Collingwood Football Club and is pursuing a career in the Media, commentating Netball/AFLW and other unrelated projects.

Presentation: Lessons from the sporting field on the importance of mental health and wellbeing

During her career Sharni moved states 6 times, living away from her family and loved ones pursuing her career. Pushing numerous jobs (with netball not being full-time) the workload of being a full-time athlete, moving and balancing multiple jobs finally took its toll.

In 2017, Sharni stepped away from Netball for 6 months as she suffered a serious depressive episode. Seeking professional help, Sharni eventually got herself back on track. Although missing the 2018 Commonwealth Games, she got herself up and back for the 2018 Super Netball Season – before retiring from Netball altogether.

Sharni will share her story of the highs and lows of being an athlete, and how she can relate her ongoing struggle with depression in everyday life. How to notice the symptoms, seek help and learn how to notice your own triggers and learn coping mechanisms.

After competing at the highest level and achieving her dreams, Sharni will share her secrets of what truly makes her happy and how she has discovered what is really important in life.