Epilepsy Tasmania is a not-for-profit community organisation improving the quality of life of Tasmanians with epilepsy, and those around them, through education, coordination and support.20,000 Tasmanians have epilepsy and an additional 80,000 family members, colleagues and friends are affected in some way.

One-fifth of Tasmania’s population is touched by epilepsy, yet the condition still has an unfortunate stigma that causes much hurt and frustration: 51% of Tasmanians with epilepsy have experienced discrimination as a result of their condition during the last year.

Our vision is:
All Tasmanians who have epilepsy have the same opportunities as the broader community.
Our goals are to:
1. Increase community awareness, understanding and acceptance of epilepsy.
2. Build a service and support system that is able to respond to the needs of people with epilepsy, and those around them.
3. Ensure epilepsy services and support are available throughout Tasmania.
4. Continuously improve and deliver services and support that meet the needs of the epilepsy community.
5. Be a proactive voice for epilepsy in Tasmania.
6. Continuously improve the strength and financial security and sound governance of the organisation.